Once the order has been made, we will proceed to the confirmation of payment before sending the product on to the client. For payments made by bank transfer it is recommended that the payment be communicated to the suppler by e-mail.

Then proceed to the making of the order.

The customer will be notified by e-mail the moment the order is sent out.

Shipment will be done through courier companies and delivery time will depend on the destination indicated on the order form and the transportation agency itself.

The approximate delivery time is 25 days.

The client should be aware that, being a hand-crafted product, there may be a delay in delivery due to different causes, such as, for example:

- Replenishment of stock by suppliers.
- Handling and / or packaging.

The client agrees that any delay due to these causes should not result in the cancellation of the order.

In the case where the transport company were, despite their best efforts, unable to make the delivery owing to the client being absent from the destination address or other related reasons the client must pay for any cost incurred in returning the product and for a new shipment, see terms of use.

For any kind of incidence in the delivery itself, the recipient shall contact the carrier. The packaging used in shipment ensures the integrity and safety of the products, therefore, should the product be broken or damaged the company in charge of shipment would be responsible.