cup+up=your choice on top

A new form with a surprising result. Your choice will always be on top. The same creation for two of life’s needs.

Coffee, wine, liquor... You choose how and when to use it. Registered Utility Model. "Made in Spain".

Whether alone or in company you will give a new twist  to one of life’s everyday pleasures. Enjoy!  

C´UP was born as a distinctive new piece to blend in with the home, a double cup or wineglass, in which you can choose the size you prefer.

Ideal for capsule coffee making machines. With its unique design there is no need to use different sized cups. Simply turn the glass over for a small or larger coffee and as both sizes are the same height, no supports are needed and moreover there are no splashes. It’s easy, fast and saves on space. There is also the added value that this unique piece gives a touch of class and originality to go with your coffee.

The idea to combine two different coffee sizes invites you to look at the world from another point of view, to smile while at the same time having in your hands an exclusive piece of practical sculpture.

Designed primarily for enjoying a coffee, it comes along with an exquisitely subtle side plate on which to place the spoon, and an originally designed coffee mat adds a further touch of elegance.

Also with traditional coffee making machines the resulting coffee, when served up in a C´UP, is both elegant and distinctive. Specially handcrafted to make it both unique and distinctive.       

Turning things around has never been so practical.

Welcome to a new way to see things!


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